Blue Mesa Reservoir

Coming from Leadville we had no plans as to where we were going to stay the night.
.Last year we camped at a private Campground with (lots of what I call FooFoo)
Swimmingpool, Playground, Fishing Pond, etc.
This year we planned to stay mostly on blm , State Parks, or National Parks. Little did we know the SHUTDOWN was about to happen as we drove through Gunnison.County.
Using our RV App we located a Park for the night.  I called to find out if there were any spaces available.
I wondered what the Ranger meant when he said he had no idea how long they would be open for.
Arriving about half an hour later he explained they would know if the Government Shutdown was happening by Midnight. We could stay the night but tomorrow we might have to move on.
The following morning two Rangers knocked on the door to let us know the Shutdown was actually happening.

Thy were really nice  and let us stay another night, even though the park was closed 🙂

Thank you for that!!!!!!!!

Although it lookes more or less like a big parking lot, the view made it worth staying.
We were the only ones there 🙂
and as you can see we had lot´s of fun!!

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