About us

When we started planning this website, we were not sure if we wanted to write in german or english,

Should we write both German AND English? Are we  grammatically good enough so everyone understands what we are writing when we publish this site in english???

Well what the heck, we think we will just give it a try.

Certainly do we meet lots of people in the USA, and since the States are the place we most likely will be visiting on a regular basis, it just makes sense.

What can we write about us?

Give us, BBQ, Motorcycle, RVing, Photography, Music, a Road that´s a thousand Miles from nowhere, people that like to think life is great, and we are happy!!

We live: In the Northwestern part of Germany

We work: 5 days a week

We take: Pictures

We give: lot´s of little Critters an Oasis in our garden, away from gravel and Pestecides

We care:  Be LOCAL Buy LOCAL is very important to us.

Enough about us, as you are reading this, maybe you would like to add some of your own ideas or comments. Feel free! We look forward to many people visiting here.

So come on in, sit down, relax, and let us share with you a little bit of our life.

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